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Aveis is widely known in FTTH industry for its one-package solutions.

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Our Products Will Make FTTH Easier

  • Fiber Optic Splicing Machine

    Fiber Optic Splicing Machine

    Excellent performance of the Aveis fiber optic splicing machine could improve users’ working efficiency beyond their expectations.

    • Higher quality & lower loss
    • Stability delivered by the unique V-groove module
    • Efficiency improved by new heating technology
  • OTDR & Tester

    OTDR & Tester

    The Aveis OTDR Tester employs rapid start technology and supports automatic and real-time test mode, which is more user-friendly.

    It guarantees that users will be able to examine and detect optic fiber or cables in the underground and access network with high flexibility, efficiency, and convenience.

  • IoT Terminal PDA

    IoT Terminal PDA

    A portable terminal PDA unites the functions of dozens of tools, andhas been widely used in FTTH, logistics, retail & hospitality and other areas.It will replace many single-function tools in the future.

    Seize the chance of being the first to supply all-in-one PDA in the local market; you will earn hefty rewarding thus.

  • Industrial Cellular Router

    Industrial Cellular Router

    Our routers are ideal for use in such diverse applications as industrial automation, environmental monitoring, building automation, remote monitoring and fleet management, and are fully scalable for businesses of all sizes.

    Whatever your business is striving for , AVEIS can help you achieve your goals. Are you looking to make full use of the latest digital advertising? Our solutions will provide you with fast, secure and reliable broadband connections. Are you looking for simpler ways to manage your vending machines? We can provide a secure, wireless router and intelligent modem for seamless customer self-service . Whether your concerns include managing heating systems, recording surveillance data, networking ATMs, or managing renewable energy systems, we have the solutions for you.

  • FTTH Construction Machinery

    FTTH Construction Machinery

    If you or your customers have a FTTH project, Aveis is glad to help you get one-package purchase of all needed types of equipment from our trustworthy supplier.

    Select from our machine offerings, including mini track trencher, horizontal drilling machine, high altitude cable tie machine, and more.

Higher Standard On Quality

  • Raw material test

    Quality Starts With Reliable Materials

    We will inspect electrodes with an automatic image-measuring instrument which presents a detailed three-dimensional test report about our electrodes.

    By doing so, we can ensure each electrode installed in your fusion splicers has good performance.

  • 48000 times heating test

    3 Times More Tests Than The Average

    At Aveis, a heating test is conducted 480,000 times, which is 4 times the number of tests conducted by other companies. That is why our products have higher quality.

    With good quality and lower price, you can grow your business with a good partner alongside.

  • temperature & humidity resistance test

    Strict Standard, From Start To Finish

    Our finished products will be tested in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber to ensure they can work stably in all kinds of environments

    Even with a basic knowledge about FTTH, you may know applicability is very important for outdoor jobs.

Benefit From Our Professional Training Course

To Support Your Business Or Projects

Through training courses, the end-users will gain a better understanding of fiber optic communications, installations, testing procedures, and equipment operation.

For contractors, you can expect higher efficiency to complete your projects and extend service life of equipment, supported by our training on how to operate the equipment properly.

For distributors, our training courses teaching how to choose and maintain FTTH equipment help to gain customer trust.

Contact us for more information on our training courses.

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  • R&D  team

    All Improvements Come From Our Experienced R & D Team

    Our R&D team consists of innovative young people of rich working experience in the FTTH industry, keeping in step with the latest trend of technology.

    Being guided by our director who has rich working experience and owns 5 technical patents, our R&D team definitely will improve rapidly and gain a more competitive role in the FTTH industry.

    With their talent and creative endeavor, Aveis is confident in providing you with top-quality products and services.

  • R&D director

    All Improvements Come From Our Experienced R & D Team

    Our R&D Improvements In Fiber Splicing Machine

    As a leading player in the FTTH industry, Aveis has achieved many great improvements based on the efforts of our talented engineer who owns five important technical patents.

    For example, a new type of clamp is specially created for fusion, which can be adopted smartly to meet the multi-needs of a fiber optic connection.

  • Talented researcher

    All Improvements Come From Our Experienced R & D Team

    Technical Patents Lead Our IoT Terminal PDA To Be Better

    Aveis does not only improve mature products in the market, but we also make efforts to create a new all-in-one terminal PDA to simplify the working process and improve the productivity of FTTH with many patents.

    One of the most important patents is the self-recovery remote online upgrade method, which doesn't need remote data server and the machine need not cold start yet. We have no fear of upgrade failure as the previous system can be restored easily, and this significantly improves the reliability of remote upgrade.

Young Aveis
With Rich Experience

Our rich experience comes from more than 10 years' knowledge and expertise in the FTTH industry.

Our engineers boast a dozen years of experience in the research & development and manufacturing of FTTH equipment. And they are making significant efforts to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry.

Working together as a team, Aveis has supported many important projects globally from its factory in Shenzhen.

Story of Aveis

You're In Good Company

For years, Aveis has provided products and training courses to make FTTH more efficient in these countries.

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  • thailand customer testimonial -aveis ftth

    Loved And Trusted
    By Numerous Customers

    We had received dozens of bids and samples of fiber optic splicing machine, but the Aveis fusion splicer had been the only one thatpassed our testing process.


    Thanks to their superior products and technical training course for our staff, we had successfully completed our project, providing fiber to the home services to thousands of people in Thailand.

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