Industrial Cellular Router

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    Are you the manufacturer of this product or no?

    Yes, we are manufacture most of the products, like fiber optic splicing machine, OTDR, PDA, Optical test equipment, for machinary products, we don't manufacture.

    Could you please give me the price of your Industrial Cellular Router?

    We will send the price list depend on quantity,1pcs,10pcs,100pcs will have totally different price.

    Can u give me a good price?

    Yes, We will give special support for tender and big quantity.

    Do u have the tracking number ?

    We will share tracking number by email after shipping goods out

    Is AVEIS willing to provide Full Product Training here in our country?

    We can provide free product training and after-sale training for our distributor.

    Is there already an Agent or Partner of AVEIS here in our country?

    I will check after confirm Details.

    Should we select AVEIS as Partner Supplier?

    Yes, we are the best reliable supplier for FTTH industry.

    Could you borrow free samples for promoting?

    We don't provide free samples.

    What's your term for distribtutor?

    Different product have different term.

    Can you provide special price for demo unit?

    We can provide distributor price for demo unit.

    What's your warranty?

    1 year

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