Best Services To Support Your Business Or Projects

5 Steps To Customize For Your Business

Aveis provides customization service for your business and projects. Our R&D team will make great efforts to meet your needs.

  • Step 1

    Let Us Know Your Needs

    Tell us your needs for a specific product. Our engineers will find the best solution to help you.

  • Step 2

    Choose Optional Functions

    Choose the functions you want to equip the products with and we will deliver what you need, both hardware and software.

  • Step 3

    Functions Testing

    Our engineers will test the functions and send you the test results for your reference.

  • Step 4

    Confirm The Sample

    Upon your approval, we will deliver the sample for your own inspection and trial operation.

  • Step 5

    Mass Production

    With the agreed sample, we will arrange mass production under strict quality control and function tests.

How Aveis Support Your Business With Training Course

Our training course is designed to help users gain an understanding of fiber-optic communications and learn to operate and maintain FTTH equipment.

What To Learn In A 7-Day Training Course

Day 1-2: Our engineer will give product introduction and show learners how to assemble a machine and calibrate a machine.

Day 3-4: All learners will have practical operation, including changing heater, calibrating Arc position upgrade system, detecting system parameters.

Day 5-6: Our engineer will teach learners how to solve different problems and take daily maintenance.

Day 7: The mentor will arrange an examination to make sure all of them can operate independently.

What To Gain From The Training Course

For contractor, you can improve workers' efficiency to complete your projects quickly, and their proper operation will extend service life of equipment.

For distributor, you will know how to guide your customer to choose the most suitable equipment for their needs. Your business will grow with your professional knowledge.

Daily Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guidance

To ensure the machines to achieve the best performance and function stably, Aveis will help customers to learn how to take daily maintenance and solve small troubles themselves quickly.

Aveis will help users solve problems quickly and offers resources & documents for your reference.

Ready to Boom Your Business In The FTTH Industry ?