Aveis, An Industrial PDA Supplier In China

An IOT terminal PDA will help telecom companies to manage installation process, significantly improving workers' efficiency with a lighter all-in-one intelligent equipment.

Why Aveis IoT Terminal PDA Deserves Your Trust

PDA update - Aveis FTTH

Improve Efficiency By 30% & Save Cost By 50%

To improve working efficiency and save cost significantly, an IoT terminal PDA which is widely used in the construction and maintenance of optical fiber to make FTTH easier.

With its all-in-one functions including phone, code scanner, ID card reader, broadband TV tester, VFL, OPM, and more. The users can handle different tasks with one tool, and thus greatly increase efficiency and reduce the cost.

PDA update - Aveis FTTH

Our PDA Is Developed By Independent R & D

Aveis has been one of the leading IoT terminal PDA manufacturers in China because we have our own independent research and development which we use to improve our PDA technology.

By doing so, we can supply the best PDA to grow your business at a reasonable price, increasing your competitiveness.

Imported Chips

To pursue top quality, Aveis uses imported chips from global established suppliers such as ST, TI and NXP.

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  • Partners - Aveis FTTH
  • Partners - Aveis FTTH

Functions To Serve Different Jobs:

  • Download The Work Order System App

    Our PDA supports the smart real-time service order dispatch and can check the construction progress of the electronic work orders.

  • OPM Test

    Aveis PDA boasts the seven-wavelengths optical power meter test function, universal connectors,and can update attenuation test results with the system.

  • VFL Test

    With a 10mw continuous red light output or 2Hz modulated light. The VFL test can check the fiber quality during maintenance and accurately find the fault point.

  • Cable Finder, Cable Threader

    It could be used to find the target cable and cable threader.The twisted pairs are tested one by one, and can distinguish which fiber is wrong, shorted and open.

Applications In Industries

  • Fiber to the home
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Electrical Power
  • Public Safety
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
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  • Aveis FTTH
  • Security Application - Aveis FTTH
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How We Control The Quality Of Industrial PDA

  • Function Test & Software Upgrade
  • High and Low Temperature & Humidity Test
  • Button Life Test & Plug Port Life Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Drop Test
  • Paint Abrasion Test

Customization To Grow Your Local Market

Aveis offers customization service for your business and projects. Our R&D team will make every effort to meet your needs.

There are just 5 simple steps to get customized products to enlarge your own brand influence in the local market.

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After-Sales Services

We have risk-free return policy for all orders of PDA.

.• The buyer can return the product and ask for a full refund within 7 days from the purchase date.

• The buyer has 30 days from the purchase date to request for the product to be replaced and exchanged.

• Free replacement parts will be delivered in about 3 working days, which is available for one year from the date of the purchase


Are you the manufacturer of this machine or no?

Yes, we are manufacture most of the products, like fiber optic splicing machine, OTDR, PDA, Optical test equipment, for machinary products, we don't manufacture.

Can u give me a good price?

Yes, We will give special support for tender and big quantity.

Do u have the tracking number ?

We will share tracking number by email after shipping goods out

Is AVEIS willing to provide Full Product Training here in our country?

We can provide free product training and after-sale training for our distributor.

Is there already an Agent or Partner of AVEIS here in our country?

I will check after confirm Details

Should we select AVEIS as Partner Supplier?

Yes, we are the best reliable supplier for FTTH industry.

We have a very big tender here, could you send me free samples?

Please share the tender document to me first, We need to check the specification of the tenders first, then we discuss details for project.

We need all the Serial No. of all the devices for our inventory kindly send. how do we see Serial No. when on system?

Back Sticker will show the S/N number.

What's your term for distribtutor?

Different product have different term.

Do you have spanish on the machine?

We are factory, we can do any language. But we need you do the translation of software for local language.

What's your warranty?

PDA: 1year warranty

Ready to Boom Your Business In The FTTH Industry ?