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  • Fiber Optic Splicing Machine
  • OTDR
  • IoT Terminal PDA

Quality Control From The Very Beginning

Splicer Electrode inspection

Electrode Inspection

Aveis has been the only manufacturer in China to use an automatic image measuring instrument to inspect electrodes, which presents a detailed three-dimensional report about our electrodes. We make great efforts to ensure each piece of electrode served our fiber optic splicing machines is perfect so as to guarantee the working life and good performance of Aveis splicers.

Battery charge discharge test

Battery Charge-discharge Test

More than a power source in other machines, a battery in a fiber optic splicing machine is an important part as it will release high voltage arc to operate splicing.

We take 10% samples from each batch of battery to conduct the charge-discharge test to make sure they are in perfect condition. So all batteries will function well within their expected working life.

Quality Control In Process

We would like to do more to ensure good quality. For example, Aveis has a three-step loss test system while others take only one of three steps.

  • Check IL & RL Spec
  • Splicer loss test
  • Step 1

    Loss test by IL&RL

    We will readjust or weed out one machine unless its test result shows that it has good performance in insertion loss and return loss.

  • Step 2

    Loss Test

    Table optical power meter and optical light source are applied to test the loss so as to confirm the test result of step1.

  • Step 3

    Accuracy Test

    OTDR is used to double check the first two steps to eliminate all potential imperfect machines to be sold to our customers.

  • Splicer heating test

    Conducting A Heating Furnace Test 480,000 Times, Far Beyond The Industry Standard

    At Aveis, heating tests are conducted 480,000 times, which is 4 times the number of tests conducted by other companies. That is why the quality of our products is much higher than what our competitors offer, and that is why you can be sure you’re partnering with a good company.

  • Splicer vibration test

    Vibration Testing

    Besides the function testing, we also test and pay attention to the craft of our products. One of the tests we conduct is a vibration testing. We know every detail speaks about our quality and our values, so we make sure everything works perfectly.

Finished Product Test

  • 400 times splicing tests

    400 TimesSplicing Test

    To ensure our splicers still have stable performance after doing the splicing 400 times, with the loss lower than 0.02dB.

  • Loss Test- One More Time

    One additional loss test is conducted on the finished product to live up to your trust and needs of your customers.

  • Splicer Drop test

    Drop Test

    A drop test at the height of 1.5 meters caused no damage to our splicers and they worked well as usual.

  • Splicer Anti dust test

    Anti-Dust Test

    An anti-dust test will give you confidence to use our splicers in tough environments like a desert or dusty places.

  • Flip Test

    Flip Test

    We will conduct 20,000 times flip test of the screen to guarantee the flexible flat cable will perform well to prevent white screen, black screen.

Anti static manufacturing environment

Good Manufacturing Environment Ensures Good Quality

Aveis adopts an independent center air conditioning and fresh air system to make sure the temperature between 20-25℃ and the humidity between 30%RH and 70RH%.

With anti-static warehouse and workshop, Aveis spare no efforts to eliminate the damage caused by static electricity. Each worker will wear anti-static wristband which is equipped with an alarm system in the working process.

By doing so, we can eliminate the potential defects from the source.

Vacuum Packaging &
Moisture-proof Box For Important Components Storage

We have an advanced storage system to keep different elements in suitable environment respectively.

For example,all elements sensitive to humidity will be kept in vacuum package together with drier and monitored by humidity test paper to avoid any mistakes.

The components which can't be kept in vacuum package will be stored in moisture-proof boxs which control the humidity below 10RH%.

Moisture proof material storage
OTDR temperatures & humidity test

Operation Test In Extreme Temperature & Humidity

Low Temperature Test:

Operation test: Our engineer will turn on the machine and put it in the chamber set at minus 20 ℃ and keep a remote connection for 24 hours to test its performance.

Start test: The machine will be restarted for 3 times after being kept at minus 20 ℃ for 2 hours to make sure it can turn on and off normally in extreme weather.

HighTemperature Test:

Operation test: The machine is on and keeps a remote connection in the chamber of 60℃ for 24 hours to test its function.

Start test: When finishing operation test in high temperature, we will restart the OTDR 3 times after being kept at a chamber of 60℃ for 2 hours to make sure it serves normally in hot weather.

High & Low Temperature Test:

Our engineer will set the temperature between minus 20 ℃ to 60℃ to test the OTDR for 2 hours with the temperature change rate of at 1℃/min---5℃/min when the machine is on and keeps a remote connection to make sure it can sustain all kinds of environment.

OTDR tolerance test

Tolerance Test
In High Temperature & Humidity

We will put the OTDR in the chamber setted at 85℃ and 85%RH for1000 hours, and test its surface and function at the starting, the 168th hours, the 500th hours and the last hour.

By doing so, we can guarantee your customers that our product can not only performan normally in extreme weather and it also boasts great stability.

Accuracy Test In 150km
Fiber Optic Environment

· Dynamic Range

Our will test the dynamic range with a 100km fiber in 20000ns pulse width and finish in 180s to check the result.

· Event Dead Zone & Attenuation Dead Zone

Two bunches of 1km fibers will be connected through flange and we will use an OTDR to test event dead zone & attenuation dead zone and compare the results with original data.

To make sure the result is more reliable, Aveis uses finer imported fibers of higher accuracy to do the tests.

OTDR accuracy test
PDA Software upgrade

Function Test
& Software Upgrade

After assembly, all terminal PDAs will go through the trial operation on all functions one by one to make sure all products delivered to your customers are in perfect condition.

Any imperfections will be adjusted or reworked to eliminate, and then our engineers will upgrade the softwares to get all the products ready for use.

PDA Weather resistance test

High And Low Temperature & Humidity Test

After that, our engineers will operate it to ensure the product can have stable performance at the temperatures between -10 ℃ and +50 ℃ and the humidity between 5% and 95%.

By doing so, we can make sure that our PDA can be used almost everywhere.

  • Power Supply Test

    The battery aging test and adaptor destructive test will be conducted to guarantee the supply power for the machine will be stable in extreme weather and environments.

  • PDA Battery aging test

    Battery Aging Test

  • PDA Adaptor destructive test

    Adaptor Destructive Test

Hardware Test

Besides the functions, Aveis also will focus on the hardwares.

  • Button Life Test
  • Plug Port Life Test
  • Drop Test
  • Vibration Test
  • PDA Button life test

    Button Life Test

    We will conduct a pressing test which includes pressing the buttons of a PDA 200,000 times and checking if the buttons still work, which guarantees all buttons will function well within the machine's service life.

  • PDA Plug port life test

    Plug Port Life Test

    We will also conduct a plugging test with a microcomputer plug force test machine, and this test includes performing the plugging operation 200,000 times. Through that, we can ensure our PDAs will serve you normally within its service life.

  • PDA Drop test

    Drop Test

    Our products will be dropped from the height of 1.5 meters and checked for any damages and disruptions in functioning. The tests we have conducted so far show that our products don’t suffer any damage and continue to function normally.

  • PDA Vibration test

    Vibration Test

    Our PDAs will undergo a vibration test to ensure all pieces are installed stably within the machines and won't cause any malfunctions.

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