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The main reason why the Aveis fusion splicer has better performance than other splicers is that we use the best core components and highly elastic alloy material, apply higher quality standard and keep improving in technology.

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Higher Performance From Our Incessant Efforts

Best Fiber Splicing Machines 7s fast splicing and 9s fast heating

Higher Quality & Lower Loss, Superior To The Average

Excellent performance of the Aveis fiber optic splicing machine could improve users’ working efficiency beyond their expectations.

  • •7s fast splicing and 9s fast heating
  • •SM<0.01dB
  • •MM<0.02dB
  • •Splicing >400 times
  • •Electrode discharging >4000 times
  • •Splicing result storage: 10000 records
Filber Splicing Machine Stability Delivered By The Unique V-groove Module - Aveis FTTH

Stability Delivered By The Unique V-groove Module

With the goal of manufacturing best fiber optic splicing machine, Aveis has invested a lot in research and developed its own beryllium copper which is more bearable and has a bigger capacity to withstand all sorts of impacts and elements compared to other similar materials in the market.

Moreover, we have upgraded earlier products with the aerospace material that has a high temperature resistance of 800℃, and also with the dust-free cover to make the products more rugged and applicable.

Fiber Splicing Machines 9s Fast Heating Improved By New Heating Technology- Aveis FTTH

9s Fast Heating Improved By New Heating Technology

To improve stability, we use specially designed the V-groove which is easier to place the fiber on. So that the fiber on the V-groove and guide groove will never fall off.

  • •Ultra narrow ceramic V-groove
  • •Precision machining process
  • •Suitable for all kinds of applications
Fiber Splicing Machines aerospace material - Aveis FTTH

Small Improvements On Material Make A Difference

The Aveis fiber fusion splicer machine adopts new technology to build integrally-formed heating elements, which can sustain 10A large electric current heating. With a high-class electric circuit control system, our machines achieve quick heating and automatic sensing of optical fiber.

  • •High-performance heater
  • •9s fast heating
  • •Faster and more power saving

Rugged & User-friendly For Tough Environments

With the large capacity Li-battery of 6800mA to support a long day's tasks, our fusion splicers are removable and lightweight for outdoor jobs at elevations of 0—5000M. Its easy operating system and smart buttons are very user-friendly.

  • Rugged & User-friendly For Tough Environments Snow - Aveis FTTH
  • Rugged & User-friendly For Tough Environments Mountain - Aveis FTTH

Higher Standard Of Quality Control To Offer You Best Products

Best Fiber Splicing Machines - Aveis FTTH

Our efforts:

  • · Aveis uses high-end inspection instruments which others haven’t equipped.
  • · We have a higher standard and more testings in quality control.
  • · Our heating test is 3 times more than others.

Your benefits:

You can supply better products to customers, decrease after-sale trouble, and establish a good image in your local market so that. your business will grow and leap.

Top Services To Support Your Business

Fiber Splicing Machines Training Thailand- Aveis FTTH

Training Course For You

Aveis has a mature training system on fiber-optic equipment, and we have provided training courses to end users in Thailand, India, Iran and other countries.

Our training courses will help you improve the efficiency of your workers and gain the trust of customers in your local market.

Quick & Reliable After-Sale Service

To improve your experience with Aveis, we promise:

  • We will reply to all questions quickly, within 24 hours.
  • Free replacement parts well be available in about 3 working days, for 1 year, starting from the date of purchase if the problem is caused by a quality issue.
  • 3 years’ quality warranty for all products and we will cover the cost of  shipping and tax if there is any problem that can’t be solved through the software update.
  • Free updates of software will be available for all products.
Best Fiber Splicing Machines - Aveis FTTH


Are you the manufacturer of this machine or no?

Yes, we are manufacture most of the products, like fiber optic splicing machine, OTDR, PDA, Optical test equipment, for machinary products, we don't manufacture, It's our Strategic Partners‘ .

Could you please give me the price of your splicers?

We will send the price list by quantity, different cooperate way will require different quantity ,and will have different price.

Can u give me a good price?

Yes, We will give special support for tender and big quantity.

Is AVEIS willing to provide Full Product Training here in our country?

We can provide free product training and after-sale training for our distributor.

Is there already an Agent or Partner of AVEIS here in our country?

I will check after confirm Details

Could you borrow free samples for promoting?

No, We don't provide free samples.

Do you have spanish/local languge on the machine?

We are factory, we can do any language. But we need you do the translation work of software for local language.

What's your term for distribtutor?

Different product have different term.

Can you provide special price for demo unit?

Yes, We can provide distributor price for demo unit.

We have a very big tender here, could you send me free samples?

Please share the tender document to me first, We need to check the specification of the tenders first, then we discuss details for project.

What's your warranty?

for fusion splicer, our warranty is 3 years and we will provide lifetime service.

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