AV-P350 IOT Terminal PDA

  • AV-P350 IOT Terminal PDA

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Aveis PDA is a smart handheld terminal that fits into your pocket, and it includes all the features you need. What is the PDA? It’s a smart phone, a camera, a computer, ID card reader, a high-definition simulation TV, a Gigabit broadband network speedometer, a scan code gun, an optical power meter, a Visual fault locator, a troubleshooting standard ONU, a broadband TV tester, a Wi-Fi tester, a cable tracker and It’s a cable threader.


• Support Computer simulation function

• Built-in Android 7.0 operation system, Support work-order-management App or software Installation

• Support Optical Power Meter and VFL FTTH maintenance Tools

• Support HDMI simulation TV function

• Support RJ11, RJ45 Port

• Support IoT backstage management (only have Chinese now)


ModelA (Standard Type)B (Optional)C (Optional)D (Optional)E (Optional)
CPU4 Core 1.44GHz4 Core 1.44GHz8 Core 2.0GHz8 Core 2.0GHz8 Core 2.0GHz
Operation SystemBuilt-in Android 7.0 operation system (Can install any application program or software for your requirement)
Bluetooth 4.0Transmission distance: 10 meters, support wireless headset answering
Power Supply8200mAh lithium battery, PON work time 3 hours;Input: 5V/3A; Output: 5V/1A
Working Temperature -20℃–70℃ (Battery can only work -10~+60℃)
Humidity5% – 95%
Weight580g (with battery)
Optical Port1 Universal Optical Power Meter Port; 1 Universal Visual Fault Locator Port; 1  SC PON Port
Display5.0 inch ; Resolution: 720*1080 ; Touch screen, support signature
CameraFront camera: 5million pixels; Rear camera: 13million pixels; Support camera/photography; support autofocus and flash function
Optical Port1 Universal Optical Power Meter Port
1 Universal Visual Fault Locator Port
1  SC PON Port
Electric Port2 1000Mbps RJ45 Ports;
1 HDMI Port;
1 RJ45 Port;
1 RJ11 Port;
1M micro USB Port;
1 Charging Port;
1 headset Port
Supported Network StandardGSM B3/8
CDMAx1 / CDMA2000 BC0
TD-LTE B38/39/40/41 (Need to confirm local network standard (Frequency) before make orders (With Dual sim in the PDA))
Computer simulation functionPing/ Ifconfig/ Route/ Traceroute/ Network Neighbor/ FTP Server/ PPPOE Dialing/ LOID write/ Elink Protocol
Added value serviceBarcode scanner, ID card Reader (Only for china ID Card now),
Optical Power MeterWavelength: 800nm-1700nm
Detector Size: In GaAs Ф0.3mm (Ф1.0mm, Ф2.0mm Optional)
Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 850\1300\1310\1490\1550\1577\1625
Measurement Range (dBm): -70 ~ +10 (-50~+26 is optional)
Visual Fault LocatorWorking wavelength: 650±10nm
Output optical: 10MW (1/5/20mw\30mw\40mw\50mw optional)
Test distance: ≥7Km
Modulation frequency: continuous light / 2Hz modulated light
Cable TracingTest cable type: Network cable, twisted pair cable, telephone line, USB cable, coaxial cable.
Line status test: Determine open or short circuit
Voltage polarity: Positive and negative of DC voltage
The distance of signal transmission: ≥ 3km
DC Voltage: No more than 48V
Cable Line Sequence
HDMI simulation TVThe handheld terminal has an HDMI port, which can receive the HDMI signal output from the set-top box, and play and display the sound and video content through the handheld terminal. VGA/720P/1080P three-mode simulation is supported, Adaptive resolution is supported.
IPTV TestMDI: MLR (TS loss packet ); MDI: DF (TS delay); RTP packet loss; RTP jitter; TS bandwidth; Source Mac, Dest Mac, Vlan priority, IP Tos, IPttl, Source IP, Dest Ip, Source Port, Dest Port, Rtp Type, network protocol, encoder parameters (coding level, video resolution, frame rate, code rate, audio sampling rate, channel number, etc.); support synchronous decoding to play audio and video (Need to connect to local Set box to get and analysis packets before testing)
Speed TestBasic Module: 100M bps (Speed Test app)
Enhanced module (Optional):1000M bps (Need to follow protocol before mass production)
ONU TestSupports GPON and EPON. After establishing a synchronous link with the central office, it can display the link information, network information, and remote connection information. The link information can be used to check whether the ONU (including the E8-C) is registered with the authentication success, the link parameters, and so on. The network information can be used to check the error code and the number of lost packets. The remote information includes the TR069 connection status and the service delivery status. (Need to follow local protocol before mass production)
To emulate user’ s ONU(ONT) to exclude the faulty of user’ s ONU(ONT)
IoT PlatformBuilt-in positioning module, mobile network and other modules provide a unified management and control platform for PDA, realize management and statistics of work orders and personnel tracks; realize personnel, authority, data and other analysis functions of management platform; realize remote batch upgrade and operation and maintenance of software Data analysis and integrated management (only support chinese now)
Electric high voltage alarmSensing distance: 220V≥ 0.3M; 380V≥ 0.5M; 6KV≥ 2M; 10KV≥ 3M; 35KV≥ 8M
PackagesPDA, charger, Protective Bag, Data line, Manuel, Packing list, certified report

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