AV-1000 Optical Cable Identifier

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Item No.:AV-1000


Optical Cable Identifier, OCID was a specially developed instrument for telecommunication’s engineers and technicians to identify a desired target fiber optical cable, which is a friendly, easy to operate and non-invasive to the optical fiber cables. It can be used in various environments, such as manholes, tunnels conduits and aerial.
Based on the properties of photo elastic effect, the OCID TK100 converts the coherent laser energy into visual or audio signal, so user can easily locate the target desired fiber in manholes, tunnels conduits, and aerial, etc. With the OCID TKK100, the user can easily recognize the target optical cable from the rest by gently tapping them.


1. Touch Screen + Keypad, ease of use
2. Large capacity of lithium battery and low power consumption, longer operating time
3. Dynamic range of sensitivity to mechanical perturbation from tens of kilometer distance
4. Locate target cable using audio and visual signal even under noisy environment
5. Self-calibration for optimization, adapt to different length of fiber cables
6. Non-invasive detection with high accuracy


Optical Cable Identifier uses optical fiber sensing principle to confirm the target fiber; It can quickly identify deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable without any destroy, and provide a simple method for maintenance personnel.


Measurement methodSingle fiber test
Min. output power of light source-10dBm
Loss of one way cable5dB
Measurement distance20Km
Initial blind zoneNo blind zone
Signal to noise ratio>40dB
Optical fiber interfaceSM
Optical connectorFC/APC
Displaying screen5.6’ touch screen
Input modelTouch screen LCD + buttons
Output modelVisible: vibration amplitude(touch screen LCD), audio: sound (corresponding excitation intensity)
Power supplyDC12V/3A
BatteryLithium battery (7.4V 10.4Ah), continuous work ≥14 hours
Weight1.5Kg (including battery)
Working temperature0~45℃
Storing temperature-20~55℃
VFL visual failure locationWavelength: 650nm, output power (dBm): ≥-3, maximum testing distance: 5km
Guarantee period12 months

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