AV-700 PON Optical Power Meter

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Item No.:AV-700


PON power meter target at the FTTx application and maintenance. This PON power meter is able to simultaneously test and estimate the signals of the voice, data and video. It is an essential and ideal tool for the construction and maintenance of the PON projects.


1. Providing simultaneous measurement at EPON/GPON/GEPON for all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490nm, 1550nm,1310nm )
2. Used in Burst mode measurement of 1310nm upstream
3. Convenience for threshold setting, which can set the threshold on the tester
4. USB communication port enables data transfer to a PC
5. Offers up to 10 different threshold sets in total
6. User self-calibration can be retrieved in computer through the software.
7. 10 minutes Auto-off function can be activated or deactivated with keypad operation.


1. Maintenance in Telecom
2. Maintenance in CATV
3. Fiber Optic Lab Testing
4. Other Fiber Optic Measurements.


Model NumberAV-700
Pass Zone(nm)1260~13601470~15051535~1570
Isolation (dB)>40@1490>30@1310>40@1310
Measurement Range(dBm)-40~+10-40~+10-40~+20
Measurement Accuracy
Connatural uncertainty(dB)±0.5
Passing through insertion Loss(dB)<1.5
General Information
Detector TypeInGaAs
Optical ConnectorFC/SC Interchangeable
Fiber Type9/125um
Measurement UnitdB/dBm/xW
Resolution (dB)0.01
Power Supply3  AA1.5V battery
Operation Temperature(℃)-10~60
Storage temperature(℃)-25~70
Dimension(mm)200 X90 X50

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