AV-VFL-10 Visual Fault Locator

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Item No.:AV-VFL-10


Visual fault locator is also called light pen, pen type red light source, visible light detection pen, fiber fault detector, fiber fault locator, etc. Most of them are used to detect fiber breakpoints, FC, SC, ST common interfaces, if you need to test LC interface can contact us to buy the converter! Two functions: fiber fault, bending and other fault location; OTDR blind zone fault check; end-to-end fiber identification; mechanical connection point optimization.


1. Convenient for use and carry Dust-proof design keeps fiber connectors clean.
2. Compact in size, light in weight, red laser output, both SM and MM available.
3. Operates either in CW or Pulsed.
4. Constant output power.
5. Lower Battery warning
6. Long battery life(up to 60 hours)


Visual fault locator finds the fiber faults of OTDR (Fiber fracture and bending fault location).


Output power(mw)11020253050
Center wavelength650±10 nm
Half-width(FWHM)≦5 nm
Laser pulse periodContinuous light mode or 1Hz modulated light with a duty cycle of 60%
Fiber identification distance≧5/10 km
Battery operating time (modulated light / continuous light)50hours/30hours
Environment operation-10℃- +50℃,0-95%RH(no condensing)
-20- +70℃,0-95%RH(no condensing)
Power supplyTwo1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Fiber Connector TypeUniversal
Size mm(L×D)/W g168*27 /180

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