New model cable tie machine cable hanger with good price good quality(2)


For cable hanger cable tie machine, diffrence customers with diffrent request. According to customers request we pubulish new model:AV-CT01

Battery7800mA, fully battery work more than 1500 tims, attached about 3KM6600mA, fully battery work more than 800 tims, attached more than 3KM
Wire120 meters per plate, 700-750 mm at a time, each plate can be tied 160-170 times 110 meters per plate, 300-700 mm at a time, each plate can be tied 150-180 times.
RodInsulated 10KV, 1 m / root, in all 5 rootsInsulated 10KV, 1.2 m / root, in all 4 roots
Remote Remote control distance is 80 meters, which can be used separately.Remote control distance is 20 meters, which can be used separately.
Bundling range8-60mm0-60mm
Bundling time0.8 seconds each0.8 seconds each
Wire Diameter0.5mm0.8mm
Charing time 1.5 hoursup to 3 hours
Size160 * 200* 1020mm205 * 200* 1275mm

For safety FTTH FTTX FTTB cable construction, improve work efficiency and easy use cable tie machine cable hanger, please find us on

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