AV-CT 01 Cable Tie Machine

  • cable hanging machine

Item No.:AV-CT01


1. Battery capacity: 7800 mAh/group, one battery can work more than 1500 times, probably attached about 3 kilometers.
2.  Attached rod: can be insulated 10KV, the material is made of insulated FRP epoxy tube, 1 m / root, in all 5 roots.
3.  Galvanized iron wire: 120 meters per plate, 700-750 mm at a time, each plate can be tied 160-170 time

4.  Remote control switch: The remote control distance is 80 meters, which can be used separately
6.  Voltage: 12V
7.  Bundling range: 8-60mm
8.  Bundling time: 0.8 seconds each
9.  Galvanized wire diameter: 0.8mm
10.  Coated wire diameter: 0.85mm
11.  Charging time: up to 1.5 hours.

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