The AV-PCL01 Pipeline & Cable Locator

  • The AV-PCL01 Pipeline & Cable Locator
  • The AV-PCL01 Pipeline & Cable Locator
  • The AV-PCL01 Pipeline & Cable Locator

Item No.:AV-PCL01


• Detect the route of underground cable and pipeline
• Measure the depth of underground cable and pipeline
• Determine the insulation degree of underground cable and pipeline
• With no physical touching of underground cable and pipeline
• 12 month warranty



The AV-PCL01 Pipeline & Cable Locator is designed for the underground utilities route locating, the depth measuring and distance tracing.

The multi-coil electromagnetism technology is adopted to enhance the capability of pipeline/cable locating, depth measurement and recognition. A distance trace of the pipeline/cable can be recorded to spot the pipeline/cable from the crowded complex. It is widely used in the telecommunication, electric, tap water, natural gas and physical prospecting.


Signal frequencya) Inject mode: 480 Hz, 7.7 KHz, 31 KHz and 61KHz
b)  Induct mode: 31 KHz, 61 KHz
c) Inductive clamp mode: 31 KHz
Output Pressure0-400 VP-P automatic/manual adjust due to the insulated instance
Output wave formSine wave
Power source11.1 VDC 4.4 AH Li-ion
Peak output power10 W
Max test buried depth4.5 meters (normal instance)
The test buried depth error≤ 0.05 H±5 cm (“H” is the pipeline/cable buried depth)
The test route error≤  5cm (normal condition)
The effective length under detecting pipeline route and depthWith Inject mode: ≥ 10 Km (normal instance) With Induct mode: ≥ 6 Km (normal instance)
Insulation Fault FindingInsulation deterioration From a short circuit until 2 MΩ
Power loss< 1 W
Power source11.1 VDC 1.8 AH Li-ion
Note: The objective pipeline has no insulated failure or other interruption in the above-mentioned range in the normal instances.
Environmental request
Operating Temperature-20 to +50 °C, 10% to 90%
Storage temperature-40 to +70 °C, 10% to 90%
Atmospheric pressure86 to 106 KPa Environment noise
Physical property
Weight / DimensionsTransmitter: 3.4 kg / 348 × 239 × 175 mm
Receiver: 2.6 kg / 648 × 260 × 130 mm
The whole machine: 14 kg / 790 × 250 × 420 mm

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