AV-MINIJET driven jetting machine

  • AV-MINIJET driven jetting machine

Item No.:P02,H02


MINIJET is a small, light and efficient pneumatic driven jetting machine. It is designed and manufactured by the Swiss plumettaz company, the model is Minijet P02. With MINIJET cables with diameter range between 4 to 16 mm can be installed into duct OD 8 to 40 mm. With MINIJET introduction and release of cables and drive belts is quick as no tools are required. No vertical adjustment of the cable pusher is required MINIJET driving device (concentric belt drive) as the cable follows the same axis. It can install micro/mini cable and a bundle of two micro-tubes with use of the special Multi-duct accessories. Apparatus designed for jetting and floating cables and micro-tube bundles in pre-installed ducts.


The MiniJet is designed for blowing or floating telecommunication cables (optical fibre, coax or multipair) ormicro-ducts in preinstalled ducts.


Standard versionMiniJet with pneumatic driveMiniJet with hydraulic drive
Cable dia. [mm]4-164-16
Duct OD [mm]7-427-42
Drive unitPneumaticHydraulic
Max air consumption of motor [m3/mn]0.5 (at 4 bar) –
Pushing force [N]0-3000-500
Linear pressure on cable [Nicm]0-1000-100
Max speed [m/min]125125
Hydraulic power pack, type of engine –Honda Gasoline GX200
Hydraulic power pack, engine, max power [kW] –4.1
Hydraulic power pack, engine, max speed rpm [min-1] –3600
Hydraulic power pack, pump. delivery rating [Umin] –17
Hydraulic power pack, pump. hydraulic pressure [bar –70
Max. air pressure [bar]1616
Max water pressure [bar]2525
Dimension of apparatus I x w x h [mm]518x372x299518x372x298
Dimension of apparatus with case l x w x h [mm]620x420x340620x420x340
Dimension of tools and accessories case l x w x h [mm]620 x420 x280620x420x280
Weight of machine [kg]2020.5
Total weight [kg]39,300105
Standard1 box for the MiniJet
1 box for tools, inserts, wear parts andconsumables (seals, lubricant, etc.)
1 set of tools
1 speed and distance indicator
1 air hose with quick release coupling Mody to connect to compressor
2 beltV (Poly-V)
1 bottle of lubricant Jetting Lube
1 bottle of lubricant Micro Jetting Lube
1 operation and maintenance manual
Specification are subject to change without notice

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