AV-DL330A Directional Drilling Rig

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Item No.:AV-DL330A

1.Low inspectional loss and back reflection loss
2.High precision alignment
3.Nickel plated brass body
4.Use in Single-mode or Multimode applications
5.Choice of housing material and sleeve material


Engine Power (KW)153/2200
Max Thrust force (KN)320
Max Pullback force (KN)320
Max Torque (N.W)12,000
Max Rotary speed (rpm)120
Max Moving speed of power head (m/min)18
Max Mud pump flow (L/min)240
Max Mud pressure (Mpa)8±0.5
Main machine size (mm)6740*2212*2,520
Weight (Tons)10
Diameter of drilling rod (mm)φ 73
Length of drilling rod (m)3
Max diameter of pullback pipe (mm)φ 150~φ1,000
Max construction length (m)~500
Incidence Angle (°)11~20Degrees
Climing Angle (°)14 Degrees

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