AV-EM02 Trencher

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Item No.:AV-EM02


1. Micro trencher, maintain the the structure of road
2. Reduced trench size, the volume of waste material excavated is also reduced.
3. Minimize traffic or pedestrian disturbance during network laying
4. Used to install FTTx connections
5. Work on sidewalks or in narrow streets of cities, and can cut harder ground than a chain trencher, including cutting through solid stone.
6. Used to cut pavement for road maintenance and to gain access to utilities under roads.


Product NameTrencher
Model NumberAV-EM02
Power (kw)100
Max Potary Speed (PRM)2200
Control ModeRemote Control
Water InjectorAvailable
Cutter Diameter (mm)1000
Blade Number (pc)48
Useful Life (PC/KM)1 (Estimate,according to the material of slot pavement)
Suitable Surface Hardness (MPA)≤50
Slot Width (mm)25/40/55/80/120/150
Slot Depth (mm)500
Slot Depth ControlAdjustable
Slot Speed (m/min)1.0-1.5 (Estimate,according to the material of slot pavement)
L*W*H (mm)5660*1363*2026
Weight (Ton)3.5

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