AV-CT 04 Cable traction machine

  • 牵引机

Item No.:AV-CT 04


1. Gear control, throttle control and display on the same console for user convenience.
2. The detachable push wheel and the four-corner rubber foot pad are used for convenient short-distance movement, it also ensures the smoothness of the machine when it is running
3. Cable guide limiter is equipped with upper and lower guide wheels, which can meet the pipe threading and overhead matching; and the limiter has an automatic rebound function, which can complete the incoming line and limit in one step.
4. The gear tensioner module has been upgraded, and the adjustment chain is more convenient and smoother
5. Use brand engines and bearings to ensure long-term reliability
6. The reinforced chassis frame is made of thick steel plate, which is more stable and stable
7. Added meter function, speed display function and equipment over temperature alarm function
8. It adopts the middle Snap-On pulley installation method of the machine chassis, which is more convenient for disassembly and installation.

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